Andarine [S-4]


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Andarine [S-4]
This SARM has an extremely high affinity for the androgen receptors of bone and muscle tissue. It has been compared to winstrol and anavar by many users in terms of how it changes the physique, but keep in mind this is still a non-steroidal SARM. It greatly enhances vascularity and muscle hardness while halting catabolism during cutting phases. This is primarily a SARM used for cutting, not bulking; although it can still prove useful during body recomposition. An interesting thing about Andarine is that one of its metabolites can bind to the ocular receptor, causing the user to see green shades in the peripheral areas. This is considered to be temporary and users report the side effect going away after dosing is discontinued. Consider the benefits of PST (Post Sarm Therapy) after using this SARM, especially if you’ve just finished cutting; or utilize S-4 as a precursor or bridge to another SARM.


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