Ligandrol [LGD-4033]


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Ligandrol [LGD-4033]
Ligandrol is one of the most popular SARMS due to its proven capabilities and low risk for side effects. This SARM will give you enhanced strength during training, increased protein synthesis rates, and improved muscular development. Ligandrol is great for lean muscle building stacks as well as recomposition stacks. Running this SARM for less than three weeks won’t bring any noticeable side effects and recovery should be quick. Running it for four to six weeks should be done with at least some sort of PST (Post Sarm Therapy) but a lot of users have ran it for this length and not reported any issues. The recovery is quick because it doesn’t appear to have an effect on LH, FSH, or E2; and while free testosterone amounts may potentially be reduced, they still remain within “normal” ranges.


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