Eric was born on August 30, 1976 in Erie, Pa and raised in Phoenix, AZ and Honolulu, HI. At 12 years of age Eric had two amateur kick boxing fights against men twice his age and dominated the ring. At the age of 18 Eric went into the Army as a tow-gunner (weapons specialist) where he graduated from most of the schools the Army had to offer.

In 1999 he won the battalion boxing smoker with the 101st Air Borne division at Fort Campbell Kentucky. He ended up winning the boxing division for the super heavy weight title. He did all of this while not knowing there was an all army boxing scout watching. He was then invited to the All Army Box Off’s where he won once again in the super heavy weight division. He was then invited to become the super heavy weight boxer for the World Class Athlete Program (WCAP) with the Army at Fort Carson Colorado.